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When Azula nonchalantly stated she’d be going to Ty Lee’s performance later on you to evening, Ty Lee indicated recognized uneasiness

When Azula nonchalantly stated she’d be going to Ty Lee’s performance later on you to evening, Ty Lee indicated recognized uneasiness


Azula and you can Ty Lee got a fairly complicated relationship on account of the researching characters; if you’re Azula was suggest-saturated, a good strategist, daunting and you may socially inept, Ty Lee is warmhearted, amicable, and you may extremely personal. Even when Ty Lee seemed to enjoy the princess’ providers once they was indeed young, nearly all the lady steps appeared to be based in concern from Azula since the she expanded older. [4] Ty Lee came across Azula on the Royal Fire Academy for women and Mai. Throughout their youthfulness, Azula laughed once the she pressed Ty Lee off after the second upstaged the lady when you look at the starting a series of cartwheels and you will somersaults, much in order to Ty Lee’s dised doing play a prank toward Mai and Zuko. [12]

Previous ally

Whenever Azula found hire their getting a mission to recapture Zuko and you will Iroh (and later, Aang), Ty Lee very first rejected, saying she preferred way of living during the Flames Country circus. Inside the circus’ reveal, Azula managed to get just like the hazardous to possess Ty Lee that you can; to such an extent, you to definitely Ty Lee nearly faulted when performing an acrobatic posture. Later on, whenever Azula told you she try awaiting next day’s let you know, Ty Lee rapidly given up the lady peaceful lifestyle and you will kept which have Azula.

If you find yourself Ty Lee, within some point, regarded as Azula because a buddy, it was noticeable you to she invented a concern about the princess and you may try hesitant to disobey the woman. She seemed to convey more regard having Azula, although not, instead of Mai. Whenever Azula bought these to stick to the Avatar’s relatives, she continued the fresh new venture, even jumping towards a channel off slurry and this Mai would not method. She featured to the princess to a certain extent, openly appreciating the lady trust. [1] [5]

Ty Lee did actually value Azula’s feedback of the lady and you will other issues, emphasized whenever she immediately began whining shortly after Azula insulted her. Azula did actually care about this lady pal’s thinking so you can a specific degree, expressing genuine remorse on her behalf measures. But not, when Zuko named Ty Lee an effective “circus nut”, Azula chuckled coldly, researching the woman earlier procedures. [1] Ty Lee ventured for the Boiling hot Material jail that have Azula and fought near to her until Azula unearthed that Mai assisted Zuko avoid. Whenever Mai are captured, Azula willing to struck their down off rage. However, Ty Lee made a decision to take off Azula’s chi to keep Mai. Azula got her or him closed away, that have Ty Lee providing her one last appearance of defiance just before she was eliminated. [7]

Such as for instance Mai, Ty Lee did actually don’t have a lot of sympathy to possess Azula. She don’t talk about Azula after the Hundred-year Combat ended, as an alternative choosing to move forward and you will befriend this new Kyoshi Fighters, which she promptly entered. [8]

Within this lady new life, she was tasked to guard Azula including Suki into the Zuko’s demand. When the princess attacked her sister, Ty Lee is brief to chi block Azula, earning this lady good scolded question regarding little princess, asking this lady whenever “she”, referring to Ursa, got were able to pull away Ty Lee’s fear for her. The chi blocker commented that Azula generated zero sense, even in the event immediately after she remaining the bedroom, she acknowledge in order to Zuko and you can Suki that Azula had been incorrect and that she had never missing the girl worry into woman. Later on, when Azula always teased Zuko and his awesome relatives as they wishing to create off to discover Ursa, Ty Lee scolded Azula getting always becoming imply to the people to the woman. [10] This type of emotions to the princess remained, once the Ty Lee admitted in order to Mai that she dreaded because of their safety shortly after studying one to Azula got vanished from the Forgetful Area. Questioning in the event that Azula however wished revenge for having already been deceived, Ty Lee indexed to possess become struggling to take care of an effective “silent state of mind”, usually checking her landscape in the event the the brand new little princess actually reemerged. [11]

Later, after the fall out of Ba Play Se, Ty Lee returned to the fresh new Flames Country. She and Azula went to the Boiling hot Material in which they intervened in the an attempt from the Zuko and you can Sokka to rescue inmates truth be told there. Ty Lee didn’t really find Sokka, since she try obsessed which have attacking Suki. But not, she featured slightly unfortunate following struggle whether or not it searched that Sokka and you may organization was planning to fall on their fatalities since the of one’s cables of the gondola getting reduce. [7]

Ty Lee went on having Mai’s faith, once the she is asked to help assess Kei Lo’s real intentions regarding the Brand new Ozai Neighborhood and you may find out more about Ukano’s arrangements for overthrowing Zuko. The friendship was also comfortable sufficient that they you are going to voice complaint regarding the both, while the Ty Lee berated Mai for feigning affection to possess Kei Lo to obtain your to speak, scolding the woman for being “fake” and you may unethical. [11]

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